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Manifestation Miracle by Heather Matthews Review | Live Your Dream


manifestation miracle reviews

Heather Matthews’ Manifestation Miracle is said to be a breakthrough personal development course that can open more doors for you. In this Manifestation Miracle review, you will get more ideas on what this is all about, what you can expect to learn from this course, and who will be the best candidates for the techniques that you can find here?

It is just wise that you do your own research first before you jump into anything in your life so better read on and start with all the basics there is to know about this one of a kind course.


The book contains 4 major parts which are the following.

Part 1 – You Are Destined for Success
This part mainly focuses on regrets people have in life, and helps encourage you to take advantage of your opportunities and your potential before it’s too late.

Part 2 – Getting In Tune with Your Personal Density
This part mainly discusses the spiritual aspects of your personality, and leads through a personal journey of self-growth. It also discusses the destiny tuning technique, which is by the way I believe to be the most important concept discussed in this guide.

Part 3 – Raising the roof with your energetic vibration
This is the most practical part of the guide; it includes techniques, such as the use of affirmations, meditation, visualization, and gratitude in the manifestation process.

Part 4 – The Happiness Factor
This parts discusses the concept of happiness and explains how happiness is only a matter of living in the moment, being grateful for everything you have, and being positive in your pursuit to achieve your dreams.

Part 5 – The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow
This is the final part, and as the title suggests, it sums up the main points of the guide to help get you in the right track in journey for abundance.


Developed by a high acclaimed energy and life transformation speaker and coach, Manifestation Miracle is a comprehensive course that tackles about personal development and designed with the main purpose of helping men and women to achieve all their goals or desires through teaching them with unique methods to harness the full power of the universe with no need to exert too much effort.

You have to keep in mind that Manifestation miracle have made a revolution in law of attraction communities, it is one of the courses that is considered a business and is updated regularly.

Manifestation Miracle program is primarily based on Law of Attraction . The only difference is that this doesn’t have any of those mind boggling and sometimes ridiculous sounding concepts and most importantly, this is a product of pure fantasy. Inside this course, you will instead get to read easy to understand and extremely powerful techniques from Heather Mathews that are claimed to force the whole universe to give you the things that you want to happen in your life.

This course basically teaches you three main concepts:

  • You will learn how to access the top secret methods that can force the universe to give you what you want.
  • You will discover the most important ingredients in Law of Attraction.
  • You will see how simple and effective strategies will be able to help you in attracting all the things you want.

A specific technique taught by Heather Mathews in the course is known as destiny tuning. This method helps the users in tapping to the power of the universe and makes the Law of Attraction work according to their personal purposes. This technique is well elaborated by Heather Mathews as well as the rest of the methods that you can find inside the program that you can use for the other areas of your life, such as getting fit, finding happiness, achieving professional success and becoming wealthy.

This is only a basic Manifestation Miracle review. Next is for you to dive deeper into destiny tuning and what this is all about.

manifestation miracle reviews

As mentioned earlier, the course focuses on the buzz term called destiny tuning . The way it’s portrayed, one might wonder that this package could be having a kind of magical mantra for an individual to transform his life instantly, yet you have to take note that personal development is not a sprint, but a marathon.

According to Manifestation Miracle’s author, destiny tuning is a stage of being in tune with the real purpose in life as well as every process in this book is provided to help get attuned with your destiny only. The exercises incorporated in this book are simple and will evoke one’s interest and engage them in a fun activity.
If you’re not aware of your true calling, the processed provided in this book won’t only help you get to know it, but also they can assist you to pursue it successfully. There’s a possibility of getting distracted once the course isn’t continued properly, so you will need to invest your time every day otherwise the program will make some changes in your life.
They also use the term “lazy person’s secret” in Manifestation Miracle that lets you know when you’re in the state of high vibration, the universe arranges whatever it’s required for your dream to come true.


  1. Original It contains information that you can’t find anywhere.
  2. Affordable compared to other courses Considering the quality of the information it provides, it is very affordable compared to other products.
  3. Great Insight Heather Mathews has done an amazing job writing this guide, it is honestly a piece of art, easy to understand for anyone.
  4. 60 Day Money back guarantee One of the most amazing points about this course is that heather Mathews offers a 60 day unconditional money back guarantee.
  5. practical The manifestation miracle is very practical, that’s why it requires a great deal of effort and time to master


  1. The optional membership is a bit expensive When you purchase manifestation, it offers an optional membership that lasts up to three months called the “the amazing self”, but it is not that cheap so most people avoid getting it.
  2. requires a lot of time and effort manifestation miracle is very practical and requires time and effort to follow through its video and audio content
manifestation miracle book program pdf download

The bonus materials that come with Manifestation Miracle are some audio tapes with affirmations as well as 2 small eBooks.

The Manifestation Miracle Review Verdict

I hope we covered all points in this manifestation miracle review, it’s a great read for those who are interested in personal growth and this might be really very effective for people who seriously like to develop themselves with practice and patience. Whether it’s about using intuition, mind control, law of attraction techniques, dropping your ego or getting connected to your higher self, this Manifestation Miracle has a simple way for all of them.

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