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The Big Diabetes Lie Review – Is 7 Steps To Health Really Works ?

7 Steps To Health and the big diabetes lie reviews

What Exactly Is “7 Steps To Health And The Big Diabetes Lie” ?

Created by Max Sidorov, a degree holder in Kinesiology, a nutritionist, a fitness trainer, an author, and the founder of Golden Harvest Organics, “The 7 Steps to Health and the Big diabetes Lie” can be best described as a 500+ page book that offers important information on how sufferers can permanently reverse type 2 diabetes in just three weeks, without taking any meds or getting insulin injections.

According to Max Sidorov, medical professionals and scientists who have done numerous clinical studies know the truth: type 2 diabetes can be eliminated, including neuropathy pain and the risk for blindness and amputation. He even cited a couple of scientific findings that prove these claims in the official website of this guide.

Without spilling too much information, Max stated that the root cause of diabetes is systemic inflammation, which is caused by a molecule called LTB4. This molecule triggers insulin resistance, which in turn leads to high blood sugar levels.

“The 7 Steps to Health and the Big diabetes Lie” contains all Max Sidorov’s findings and inside you will find 20 chapters that focus on many topics, including the following:

  • The 7 steps that Max Sidorov believes will help you finally say goodbye to your diabetes for good.
  • The ugly truth about margarine and other alternatives to butter.
  • How products labeled with the word ‘diet’ (e.g. diet soda) are messing up your blood sugar, weight, and overall health.
  • Why so-called healthy energy and meal replacement bars are bad for your health.
  • Why milk is bad for your bones (ironically).
  • The truth about factory produced milk and the healthy alternatives you can buy.
  • Everything about healthy and unhealthy fats.
  • A certain food additive that’s wreaking havoc inside your body by overexciting your nervous system, which causes seizures, depression, headaches, joint pain, and so on.
  • Scientifically proven foods that are two times more effective than Metformin.
  • The methods used by a Norwegian endocrinologist to help thousands of his patients to wean from their anti-diabetes drugs.
  • Information about a common household spice that can boost your glucose metabolism by up to twenty times, and much more…

Those are some of the things you can expect to learn in “The 7 Steps to Health and the Big diabetes Lie” book. For more details about the topics covered inside the guide and about the several bonus items that come with it you can look at this page.

Now, let’s continue and talk about the different pros and cons of Max Sidorov’s guide…

The Pros & Cons Of “The 7 Steps To Health And The Big Diabetes Lie”


Valuable Content
With over 500 pages of rock-solid content, The 7 Steps to Health and the Big diabetes Lie is one of the most comprehensive health guides we have ever seen. In addition, from our research it seems that a lot of users praised this book because of its in-depth and useful information, which won’t leave you guessing what to do next.

In simple words, this guide will help you fully understand the inner workings of your body and the foods you consume daily, and after reading this we believe you’ll be more knowledgeable and able to take control of your health.

Offers Positive Results Pretty Fast
This is one of the greatest things about “The 7 Steps to Health and the Big diabetes Lie” book. It offers impressive results, according to those who have used it, and it seems that many people were able to feel improvements in as fast as one week by following the advice Max Sidorov shares inside.

One particular user was suffering from psoriatic arthritis, a type of arthritis that usually develops in people with a skin condition called psoriasis. She felt improvements in her symptoms, which includes intense pain, in about a week and complete healing (without recurrence) in a month.

Of course, there were also reports of high blood sugar levels dropping by many points in about a week and up to a month.

Available In Two Formats
Fortunately, “The 7 Steps to Health and the Big diabetes Lie” is available as a digital eBook and paperback. This is a big plus compared to other similar guides online which usually come only in digital format, and it allows you to choose the format who suits your personal needs and budget.

Covered By A 60-Day (Two Months) Refund Policy
We believe this type of guarantee helps a lot in convincing people to try this guide, even for just a month. If for any reason you’re not happy with it, simply email Max to get every penny you spent for this guide back…


Could Still Be Improved

Some were not happy with its formatting. Others couldn’t help but notice a few typos. One user finds the print too small. So, if Max and his team are reading this by any chance, we hope you can do the necessary editing.

Conspiracy Theories

Well, this problem is really not unique to this guide. With so many health guides we’ve reviewed, we’re way too familiar with this type of strategy. While it doesn’t necessarily mean this is garbage, we personally believe that it would help a lot if Max Sidorov and his team focused less on the conspiracy theories involving the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Sold Only On The Internet

The 7 Steps to Health and the Big diabetes Lie book can be purchased only online and not in stores. While this should not be a problem for most of us, there are still some people who don’t have an access to a reliable internet connection…

The Bottom Line

Overall, we truly believe that “The 7 Steps to Health and the Big diabetes Lie” is a must-have guide. Many people are thrilled by the amount of comprehensive and eye-opening information this contains, and we must admit that we also felt the same after reading the entire book. What’s really great about this guide is that it seems that it does produce results fast, as claimed by those who have successfully followed Max Sidorov’s advice. It’s not the cheapest guide out there, but considering the amount of content shared inside, the price seems very reasonable to us. Of course, we also found some negative reports about it (which is expected), but it seems that so far none of those who complained made the move to ask for a refund. It looks like they felt that, although it has its shortcomings, it still provides helpful and interesting information for them… All in all, if you’re tired of regularly taking anti-diabetic drugs or poking yourself with needles, if you want the chance to reverse your type 2 diabetes naturally and fast, or if you simply try to control and improve you overall health, then “The 7 Steps to Health and the Big diabetes Lie” is a great option for you. Moreover, the fact that this guide is backed up by a two-month money back guarantee policy allows you to try it risk-free, and if you’re not happy with it to get a full refund. With those things in mind, we absolutely think that this guide worth the try…

Well, that’s all we can say about “The 7 Steps to Health and the Big diabetes Lie” by Max Sidorov. We’re really hoping this review has helped you a lot with your decision on whether to buy it or not, and we can’t wait to hear about the improvements in your condition after using this guide!

Have a great day ….

the big diabetes lie reviews
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